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Hello, welcome to my blog! Grab a tea and a biscuit and journey with me through my life.

My names Ellie/Elle, im 24 and a beauty blogger.

I started blogging about 2 years ago when i decided to tell people more about the products people were putting on their skin. Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in makeup to enter your blood stream?! Pretty amazing right! But we all know chemicals are bad for you!

So, i titled my blog Lash Bar Blog because, firstly it has a good ring to it but secondly because i believe that someone’s lashes can tell you a lot about someone.

For example, i very much dislike fake lashes, i feel we should embrace what we have and nurture and look after our real lashes. For me, i personally wear 2 coats of 3D mascara every day, I try to make lashes as long but as natural looking as possible. For everyone it’s different- I would love to do a survey to see what the nations most popular lash look is.

Anyway, this blog will be filled to the brim with quality content that will help you choose shades of beauty products for your skin tones, it will included tutorials, recommendations and makeup no no’s. I will endevaour to not be bios or negative in any way shape or form!

My mission is to Empower women across the world and show them anyone can wear makeup or use beauty products…. anyone can be wonderful !



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