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Where do you do ‘it’?

I started off putting on my makeup each morning before work in my bathroom. The light wasn’t too horrific and it didn’t disturb my sleeping partner.

However, I needed a better setup.

Having done a bit of research i made my way to Lakeside, Essex, UK to Ikea where i found this lovely ‘Malm Dressing Table’. Its good quality wood combined with the glass sheet on top creates a beautiful set up for any MUA/ amateur makeup lover.

img_1554You can both fix this product to the wall or even have it free standing. I built mine free standing as then i can move it from room to room as and when our family grows.

The beautiful draw along the bottom is so smooth. Iplaced a white plastic utensils cutlery insert into the draw so i can have my beautiful products tidied away in its individual compartment.

I used two jars (on the right) and filled them with small pebbles to stand my makeup brushes in. By doing this no brushes are damaged whilst being stored in wraps on bags. You can also spot when they need cleaning too!

You can purchase this beautiful makeup table here;


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