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$150 for blusher

Would you pay $150 for blusher?

Makeup brand Laduree have released a rose petal blusher made of papered rose petals. It comes in three shades which can be seen below.


The blush is a DIY in itself. The rose petals/blush itself comes in a refill form in a plastic case and wrapped in a silk drawstring bag.

There is a plastic pot with the Marie Antoinette-ish locket which must be purchased separately.


Laduree advised to only transfer half of the petals into the pot, but let’s face it, no body likes to see a half empty pot.

So what exactly are these petals?

In short, they are blush-coated sheets of paper, which had been cut in the shape of flower petals. Some petals have pale yellow to yellow centers which give the blusher the glowy and slightly highlighted effect.

It is next to impossible to solely pick up said center shade to use strictly as a highlighter though so beware!

The petals themselves are extremely delicate, however, the amount of blush they actually pick up is quite impressive. Laduree actually specifically designed a goat-haired, plastic handled cheek brush to use with this product, but it retails at around $100+ a brush.Laduree2The question that many of you probably have on the tip of your tongue is whether or not the product itself warrants the extortionate price tag. It all depends really. If you want a blush that performs just as beautifully as it looks sitting on the vanity, then yes, you do need one of these blushers in your life. If you are one who could care less about the aesthetics, then no, this is not a must-have, as you will find other blushers that are just as good of a quality.

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