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eBay Bargins

Today i thought i would mix my posts up a little.

I wanted to show you what amazing bargins you can get on eBay. Over the past few years i have purchased many pieces of jewellery from eBay and on the whole they have been quite impressive.

For the budgeteers and students out there, or those that don’t really care too much about using branded products, this bargain hunter list might just be what you’ve been needing. All of these ‘buy it now’ items are less than £0.99p and most are free postage and packaging.

So here is a selection of pieces all 0.99p or lower. – All prices correct at the time of posting.


What i love most about these pieces is, even if they dont last long- it’s only 99p wasted !


    • 28/12/2016 / 7:04 pm

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