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Sunday Lash Sessions

Today i had a photographer come in and photograph some of my products for me. Being an ex-photographer myself it was great to step back and watch someone else do all the work yet still have a fantastic outcome.

We started with lips and moved on to eyes. We focused on one particular product- Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes + Mascara by Younique. What i love about this product is its two wands are made from incredibly natural ingredients. Apparently they are combined with green tea extracts and an eye serum which actually promote growth of the lash!!! How incredible is that?! So anyway, i’ve been using this product for around 6 months and i can definitely see the difference in my lash length.

One Image that really stood out to me was the one below. Why? Because the detail of the lower lashes shows the way this incredible mascara wraps it fibres around every single lash to give a fuller yet natural effect.


You can actually see the fibres cling to the lash to create the effect.

The use of two wands is genius. One wand is like every other mascara in the respect of shape and size. But, the second fiber wand is ‘fluffy’ and clings to the mascara to create and fuller look. After using the Mascara and then the fibres you lock it back in with the Mascara. This stops the fibers falling on to your cheeks throughout the day.

You can purchase this beautiful mascara here.


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