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Pain is Beauty

You’re in labour, contractions are coming on strong, your due to start pushing- what’s the first thought that comes into your head?

Maybe it’s, will it be a boy or girl? Or, this better be worth it? Or, By God this hurts…

But for one woman it was, where’s my contour brush?

This New York-based makeup artist shared images of herself propped up in a hospital bed surrounded by palettes as she applied a full face of product . . . despite contractions.

She says, “I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed.” She even revealed which of her favorite makeup items made the cut into her hospital bag. You’ll notice that there are at least 15 brushes, a 35-pan shadow palette, contouring products, Beauty blenders, and more.




So what are your thoughts on this? Is this something you would, or I should be saying- could do?

While not all mums would go this far with their pre-baby beauty routine, i have to applaud Alaha’s dedication to her craft — and her ability to create such a gorgeous makeup masterpiece while in pain!

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