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What’s your purpose?

I believe that everyone’s end goal in life is the same — “ to find happiness” or “to be happy”.

In order to feel more fulfilled and find the path to happiness, we follow our passionsand purpose.

But what is your purpose in life? I believe this is the question we ask ourselves over and over again.

Discovering your true purpose in life and finding happiness within is hard. It’s an understanding that is hard for the human race to grasp. However we can do this by looking at; what you have, what you do and who you are!

Lets look at these 3 aspects.

  1. What you have;

What we need to live- the basics- vary from person to person. Starting from food, water and a roof over our heads.



When your purpose in life is based on what you have, your happiness comes from outside in, rather than inside out.

Although sometimes self-esteem is derived from material possession. In other words, the purpose in life is then to become wealthy, to have beautiful things, and to be able to afford luxury.

However, when you feel you have reached your purpose in life and you have beautiful things and everything you could want for, you find yourself struggerling to be happy.Yes, having nice things feels nice but happiness is a state of mind.

2. What you do;

At each stage of our lives, we define our purpose in life based on the role we have. By this i mean  from the role of a child, a sibling, a student, a friend, an employee, a boss, a lover, and a parent; from the role of a student to an employee, a manager, a director — the list goes on and on, but each role has different responsobilities!

For example,

  • A child feels happy when a parent praises them— “Well done, darling. I’m so proud of you.”
  • A student feels happy when they get a high score in his/her favorite subject.
  • An employee feels happy when they do a great job for the company.
  • A parent feels happy knowing that the family is well fed and well taken care of.
  • A sales manager feels happy when the team is doing a great job and has reached the target.

BUT- The secret to finding joy and happiness through one’s purpose in life is to make sure that “What You Do” and “Who You Are” align.

3. Who you are;

Who you are is made up of  your personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses, your core values, your perspective of the world, and your beliefs.

“When your purpose in life is based on who you are … and who you are and what you do align, your happiness comes from the inside out, rather than outside in. And when that happens… when what you do and who you are align and you succeed in what you do, you feel rich and fulfilled from within.”

Still finding it hardto understand who you are? Ask yourself these questions;

  • Look at your past experiences and the situations you’ve been in. When you had to pick between two critical decisions in life, which path did you go with? The path your gut instinct tells you to choose normally reflects your core values.
  • Look at the people you dislike. Why do you dislike someone? What is it about them that you don’t like? What is it about their behavior that you don’t like? Is it their work ethic? Is it their perspective of the world, their attitude, or their beliefs?
  • Look at the people you like and admire. Why do you like someone? What is it about them that you like or admire? Is it their will power, their attitude, their perspective of the world, and their beliefs? Is it their way of life? Is it their ambition, their aspiration, the way they work, or the way they think? Is it what they’ve done in life? Is it the “reason” behind why they do what they do?
  • What did you love doing as a child? What were your childhood hobbies? Were you good at drawing, painting, writing, music, or sport? When you role-played as a kid, what role did you like playing as? A lot of the time, these relate to your natural talents. Natural talents are what you’re innately good at especially when you’re not restricted by societal norm and while your dreams and imagination still run wild.
  • What do you love doing in general? Do you find joy in making sure things are organized? Do you like freedom? Do you hate or love routine? Do you like talking to people you don’t know? Do you enjoy learning something that is methodological and systematic or abstract and conceptual? How do you describe the way you think and the way you see things?

Your gut instinct is your best frien- but If you still feel stuck and can’t figure out your purpose in life and who you truly are, ask people around you – your friends, your boss, your parents, and your partner to describe you. If you’re not happy with who you are, because you’re too pessimistic, lazy, unorganized, or selfish, then maybe your purpose in life is to become who you aspire to become.

Your immediate goal is, first, to become who you want to be.


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