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Are you a Fake Tan Fanatic?

Fake tan is amazing…let’s face it, you can achieve almost any depth of tan all year round regardless of your natural colour…you don’t have the risk of skin cancer or premature ageing and the choice of products is almost unlimited!

However, the mark is saturated with tanning products and it gets confusing which one is best for you! Should you choose a bottle that costs £50 or should you choose one that costs £5? What about a quick tanner or a gradual tanner?

It can be quite costly to trial and error!

So here is the low down on things you should know to help you pick the perfect tan first time!

  1. Instant colour which when applied, sits on the surface of the skin. It washes off as instantly as it appears. The instant colour is perfect for a quick fix of colour, especially in the UK when it rains on Monday but on Tuesday the sun is shining. It also enables you to see where the product is being applied reducing the risk of streaks.
  2. The second process uses an ingredient called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which is colourless when applied to the skin but develops over a period of anywhere between 2-8 hours as it stains the surface layer of dead skin.

The DHA tanning ingredient, present in most fake tans in the market place, works by penetrating the surface layer of dead skin and staining it. It reacts chemically with the amino acids in the skin, which are part of the protein containing keratin layer on the skin surface.

3. One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning. The shallower the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, the more time it will take for this layer to build up before it starts rubbing off. That means the better the exfoliation, the more even your tan will be throughout its life and the longer it will last.

But which do you choose?

Vogue gives a list on their top 10 tanning products but that’s only their opinion!

Personally I have 2 favourites!

Both are opposite ends of the price scale.

First we have Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer instant fake tan! Apply with a tanning mit to get an all-round good coverage. Now I am pale! I probably should have ginger hair and freckles but I am blonde and pasty white! So I use the ‘Light’ Shade which makes me look nicely sun kissed and NOT ORANGE!


Typically this is around £5-7 a bottle and can be found in any Boots or Superdrug! It washes off easily but I warn you- have white bed sheets on and they probably will turn a dirty shade of orangey brown- but it does wash out.

My other go to tanning product is by Younique! It’s a gradual tanner/ moisturiser that I absolutely love! It is so nourishing to the skin and it has a slight colour to the lotion (which fades instantly) so you can be sure to not miss any patches.


This product costs £30 and can be purchased here.

You can apply this product with your hands, however, remember to do your elbows, ankles and knees last. This will make sure they’re not darker than the rest of your legs, arms etc.

Both products i recommend above all others and both give an incredible coverage!


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