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Feel good makeup products for Spring

I always find that with winter i wear a thicker foundation, a heavier lipstick and a cake load of concealer. I don’t know whether i’m just trying to add an extra layer of warmth or hide dark, big bags under my eyes!

But, SPRING IS HERE, and my makeup coverage is slowly thinning from its winter cake!


Winter and Autumn months, for me, usually consist of a thick covering foundation, bronzer, concealer and a powder!

Summer and Spring months are lightly dusted in BB Cream, a thin powder and a blusher!

I do, however, always make sure my BB does not contain SPF- only because i do not want a tanned body and a pale face!

So, my go to BB Cream at the moment is the BB Cream from Younique…(cue the eye roles) i feel Younique has been given a bit of a bad rep as people are so sick to death of seeing it all over Facebook… but, for me (well the way i see it), if you don’t want to see those posts just hide them from your timeline. But anyway, give their products a try, they are made from natural ingredients which means they’re really good for your skin AND they’re cruelty free.

The coverage of this amazing liquid is pretty damn good. It leaves a slight dewy effect on the skin, which i love, but if you don’t their powder can sort that out!

It comes in 6 shades which means they really do cater to most skin tones.


It’s light, hydrating and is also great for contouring!

If you prefer not to have a dewy effect but still want a breathable coverage, use Younique’s Touch Mineral pressed powder foundation lightly over the top to take the effect away! Again, available in 10 shades!


Purchase the BB Cream here and purchase the Powder Foundation here.


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