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A Touch of Spring

Spring has arrived and so have the flowers and the sun! It makes me want to fill my home with bright colours and pretty things. So what better to hit the Pinterest search bar for some different, alternative ideas.

What I love about Pinterest is you can find really exquisite ideas at a third of the cost if it were bought in a shop. 

So what did I do; I typed into Pinterest ‘spring DIY’. The results left me excited and in desperate need of a fire pit, a beer garden and a BBQ !

The colours say it all!
One of my personal favourites is the top right….a Blooming Monogram!

How- well, actually it’s dead easy! In the UK you can buy the thick carded letters from The Range your about £3 each… Then all you need is glue, flowers and creativity !

The end result is beautiful, I can’t wait to try it!

This could look perfect in anyone’s house, anywhere! I feel like I can’t to make one for every single room!

For further instructions head over to www.lulus.com 

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