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My Spring skincare routine

Everyone knows spring is that awkward skin care time, some days are warm and you’ve caked on the winter makeup, some days still need a jumper and you’ve put on the thinnest layer of foundation and the wind and rainy has washed most of it away! It’s a perfectionists nightmare! So what do you do? We learn to cater for both occasions !

First I always start the day using the toner in my previous blog post! The Body Shops seaweed clarifying toner !

It’s always great to start with a blank canvas, this way, excess dirt and grease can’t surprise you upon makeup application!

If it’s a Spring/winters day then next I use a moisturiser. I’m really picky with my moisturiser as I have a real combo skin, one moment my T is dry as anything and next its swimming in residue!

I find this moisturiser caters for this amazingly!

This is the divine moisturiser form younique ! It is a little pricey but so worth the money!

You can purchase it at www.beautybyyou.co.uk

If it’s a Spring/summer day then instead of moisturising I will use a primer! ┬áThis differs to moisturiser as it sits more on on the skin and gives an even coverage to your makeup all day even if you’re sweating out under a regrettably thick jumper.

Yes… Again it’s from younique but it’s the only that doesn’t make me break out and it allows skin to breathe and not become clogged!

You can also buy this from www.beautybyyou.co.uk

You may have heard the saying ‘it’s a crime not to prime’ and it’s so true for people with combination skin! It gives your makeup something to cling to without clinging to your pores! I go no where with out this!!
This is just my Spring Routine… Keep an eye out for my season routines in future posts!

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