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The Eye of the Tiger!

Serum! It’s not just the older generation that should use it! The health benefits have been proven time and time again!

Prevention is key when you are dealing with dry skin and wrinkles! If you can put elasticity back into your skin then the prevention of wrinkles and such like are postponed!

So I have been using  4 different products over the course of the last few months to determine whether any of them really make a difference in a 20 something aged woman! The answer- YES!



So I Started off with Clarins Super Restorative Remodelling Serum which generally retails at £67 for 30ml. To be honest I wasn’t that impressed. My skin did feel moisturised but it did not physically change it in any way! I used this for just over 10 days!

So I decided maybe I needed to buy a more expensive range to see more effect. So I choose Elemis Pro-collagen Quartz Lift Serum which is about £85 for a 30ml. I was even more disappointed with this one- why?- because it was no different to the Clarins and I had paid out £85 for it! I don’t feel this bottle is worth the money when it really is just a glorified moisturiser!

Then I was recommended YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum which retails for around £65 for a 30ml bottle. I’ll be honest- It was the best I had tried so far but it still wasn’t what I had hoped. I noticed a slight difference under my eyes but they weren’t that bad any way! I felt this product was like a stroppy teenager cleaning their room- the bare minimum is touched before they give up!

After venting my frustration on social media a friend recommended I try the Uplift Eye Serum from Younique which retails for £50 for 14ml!! I was hugely skeptical but my friend is normally quite reliable.

Reluctantly I forked out another £50 for 14ml of what I hoped would be like polyfiller and fill my wrinkles!

WOW what a difference this made! I used this one for about 4 days before I started seeing changes and I use it everyday. Yes it is half the size of the others but it lasts twice as long. You do not need much at all. Its not greasy, nourishing and it actually works! My wrinkle creases have minimalized and my bags are gone.. totally gone! I am dead impressed with this product and will now never use anything else !

Visit this website to purchase yours: www.beautybyyou.co.uk

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