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Mucky Pup!

I am a huge fan of face/skin masks!

I have always suffered from combination skin so finding a product that does not dry my skin out of make it greasy is really difficult!

I have recently been give the Marine Mud Mask from Nuskin to review.

My first reaction was it goes on so easily. Its not as thick as some face masks and there is no over powering, eye watering smell either! Leave on for 15-20 minutes it reads.


As it dries it tightens like most masks, however, this one felt different… My skin felt like it is actually being cleansed ! They say it’s a simple and a natural way to softer, smoother toned skin. Which i totally agree with! After washing off my skin is the softest its ever ever been!

The product says it removes dead skin cells, absorbs excess skin oils and extracts dirt & impurities. It draws out dirt and impurities from the skin. When this dries on your face you can actually see all the dirt coming out, it’s quite disgusting really but proves it works!

I have quite sensitive skin and it seems to be ok so far ?

Use 3 times a week … Let’s see what my skins like in 9 days time ❤️ watch out for my next review

By the way….You can use this product over your face AND body!

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