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Hair growth products- Farce or fave?

Hair care products have always been a farce for me. I never feel they do exactly what they say without a negative side effect.
I once purchased a product that was meant to dazzle shine your hair. Needless to say it did shine my hair but only because the light bounced off the grease.

So when, at the age of 24, my hair line started to recede, just like my fathers and his father before him, I was devastated. I found many products that claimed to promote hair growth but none actually seemed to work.

About a month ago I picked up a spray hair growth treatment from Lee Stafford. My Hopes and expectations were low- I mean, how could spraying my hair with a white liquid ever make it growth- like seriously?!

Basically all the products within the Lee Stafford Hair Growth collective are formulated with a Pro-Growth ingredient which includes both protein and caffeine to stimulate both the scalp and hair follicle to work that little harder and encourage your hair to grow quicker.
Lee Stafford says
‘Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave In Treatment is a follicle fuel to increase root productivity ‘for hair that never grows past a certain length’. “If the earth’s not nourished, you’ll never grow beautiful flowers”
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave In Treatment will increase micro-circulation to the scalp and help create the best possible environment for hair to grow. The best thing is you don’t wash it out so it is continuously working on stimulating and strengthening from within! This clever concoction is light enough to spray into those roots so it can really get down to business. Your hair will feel divine – thicker, fuller and in heavenly condition.
So I thought, what the hell let’s give it a go.


The product isn’t sticky not does it leave a residue either. It smells great and I am starting to see a difference. The hair growing is like baby’s wispy hair but its hair none the less.

It’s also dead easy to use. You simply towel dry hair then spray evenly throughout roots to ends and comb through and then dry your hair as normal.

Out of all the hair growth products there are out there this is one I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Buy yours from boots for £11.99.

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