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Everyone, absolutely everyone (in the UK at least) has heard of The Body Shop. It was one of the first international cosmetics companies to introduce fair trade to the cosmetics and toiletries industry in 1987! Crazy huh?

So, lately social media has been a platform to hundreds of MLM companies struggling to make their mark on society. I personally have tried a few of the brands products, from Actiderm to Younique (my fave) to Nuskin and Forever Living.

Everyone (lets face it) are sick of all the ads in their news feeds all day every day. However, i like to try the products- you never know when you’re going to strike gold and find the best product you’ve ever used and guess what- you won’t know until you try.

So when I was approached by a Body Shop Consultant I wanted to try their products. I have used them on multiple occasions before but I didn’t really think about what I was putting on my skin.
So what did I do- I signed up. Their presenter’s kit was on offer from £45 to £20 although £45 is still a massive bargain for what you get!

You receive £180 worth of FULL SIZE products. You also receive catalogues etc to help you on your way to home parties but I was just interested in the joining kit! Like WOW! It blew my mind!


All of this for £20.,.. I had to tell people! I love their body butters and shower gels, they smell divine and leave your skin soft as a babies bum!
I also love the Hemp moisturiser- it’s like nothing I have ever used before! The nourishment you get from using it does not compare! I recommend this product highly!

Overall for £20, It’s faultless. I would not pay £180 for these products but only because there’s only so much moisturising and washing of your body you can do. But for anyone looking for good quality products this is a bargain !

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