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My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

Hair! It’s a main focus for a woman. Not necessarily styling for all but definitely in washing. I have tried many a shampoo but the build-up on formula on your hair slowly begins to weigh It down after a few washes.

I have also found the best shampoo for really stripping the entire residue out of your hair!
Tresemme Deep Cleansing shampoo! I use it maybe once a week to really strip it back, if I use It more often that that I feel my hair is actually deprived of the essential natural oils, however, its great one to have on your shelf for days when you just need that deeper clean.


You can purchase this from most drug stores or supermarkets for around £3-£4 depending on the size.

I recently purchased 2 bottles of the amazing Milkshake shampoo and conditioner of which I thought I would treat myself to. What I love firstly and foremost about this product is the smell. It is to die for! My hair smells of deep yumness.
I use the Volume shampoo and the daily conditioner. What’s great about the daily conditioner is it is not a heavy deep cleanse leaving a residue on your hair. It is a light everyday conditioner (note this does not mean you have to wash your hair physically everyday day) meaning you can use it whenever you wash your hair, still get that nourishment yet the residue is gone!

Most hair products, whether you notice it or not, cling to the hair particles leaving it straight or volumised of whichever they claim to do.
Milkshake say it ‘Leaves the hair soft, vibrant, shiny and hydrated, without weighing the hair down. Milk proteins and apple juice leave the hair soft, vibrant, hydrated and radiant.’


And to top it off- its Paraben free! I love this!

Get yours from Milkshake now!

Milkshake products are my most favourite hair products out there right now and I cannot recommend them enough!

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