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A Glossy Affair

I love a good collection of samples, I love trying new products and I love love love surpises. The combination of these three things can only mean one thing in the beauty industry…. BEAUTY BOXES!

As you read in my last post I have very big love for Love Me Beauty beauty box subscription. However, my second beauty box love affair comes in the shape of a physical box, and this month its bright red!

This month Glossybox have teamed up with Red Magazine to bring (in my opinion) the best box of theirs yet!
I received 7 (yes 7) products this month, which included 4 fullsize products!

– MUA palette (correction product to last months error)
– Two Faced- Better than Sex mascara
– The Body Shop- Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask
– Revlon- Colorstay Gel envy diamond topcoat
-Vitamasques- Hydro face mask
– Rodial- smokey eye pencil
– The Organic Pharmacy- Antioxidant Lip Balm

Every single one of these products is incredible. When receiving samples there are always some that we think we probably wouldn’t purchase in full size, however, each of these have been purchased in full and I would rate so highly.

MUA palette

Last month Glossybox sent this product out having asked us which shade we would like to receive, but unfortunately due to a hiccup, everyone received the wrong one. So this month they thought they would re-send the correct one in addition to the other samples.
Having trialled the palette received last I was happy to receive another, the wearability of this product is really quite surprising. It applies reasonably thickly due to its high pigment and blends easily also.
Full size price £4

Two Faced Better than Sex mascara

I was a little unsure of this product before using it. I have used some very very good masaras in my time and it had some big boots to fill. When first opening the brush hadn’t convinced me either, my expectations were very low. I need to say this mascara does need a few coats for optimum effect otherwise it comes across like anyother mascara. After a few coats it does give a good wide-eyed effect. I do thinjk the cost does reflect the quality and therefore I would purchase this product .
BUT….Is it better than sex though…. No, sorry single ladies.
Full size price £19.00

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask

I was really excited to review this product, having recently heard a massive influx in the news about charcoal masks it was bound be different to anything I had ever used. It turns out- that was putting it lightly.
What on earth was I applying to my face, it is a very strange consistency that feels like you shouldn’t be putting it on your face. However, the freshness of my face after makes me want to walk around with it on 24/7. I feel like I need to shout about this product from the roof tops. Its amazing, go and buy it!
Full size price £15.00

Revlon Colorstay Gel envy diamond topcoat

This product went beyond any of my expectations. The consistency is that of any topcoat nail polish, but, unlike others, after a few days of household chores and work the shine does not disappear. This product is still giving me top shine 8 days on from application. It dried reasonably quickly and hasn’t chipped at all. This product comes to you highly highly recommended by me!
Full size price £7.99

Vitamasques Hydro facemask

You can either get a facemask so wrong, or, so right. This is not really an ok facemask. It either works or it doesn’t. This facemask WORKS! This is not a cream but a whole mask piece. It leaves the skin feeling really hydrated and ready to go.
Full size price £7.99

Rodial Smokey eye pencil

This pencil is pretty standard. It smudges quite well and it appeared to last most of the day. I did feel that for a pencil it is a little pricey.
Full size price £17.00

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm

Lip balm is never normally in my purse. I am lucky to be one of those people that never get sore dry lips. This product seems to fulfil every requirement for a lip balm- hydrating, soft and smells amazing. I am actually super excited to actually have dry lips next.
Full size price £12.00

This box as a whole is one of the best boxes I have received from Glossybox.co.uk and it makes me super excited to receive Octobers.
Stuck on the fence? Go for it… you wont regret it! Sign up here!

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