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Date Night- A Date a month in a Box

Date Night Date Box is a subscription service that sends you a date in a box each month. This is a new subscription that starts this month and what’s even better is they tailor it to you and your partner!

There are a variety of different boxes and I was lucky enough to receive the Wine Tasting promotional box.

This particular box was fantastic. It actually made my partner and I make the time to sit down and enjoy it together.
This box consists of 5 tubes of wine to sample and taste. Included are two cards for you to score the wine and write what you think they smell, taste, look like etc. The answers appear in a sealed envelope for you to open at the end to see who knows their wines best.


The box also contains a wine themed quiz with a small prize for the winner. This was a book of ‘wish tokens’ a fantastic idea and a great idea!

The last item we opened was a small chocolate box of liquors.

What I love most is you get a kind of keepsake too. In our box was a red and a white box of seeds to grow your own vines and make your own wine.


This box as a whole enabled me and my partner to spend quality uninterrupted time together as opposed to going to a pub or sitting in front of the tv.

The company have lots of different boxes and this is just on example.

The cost of the box is yet to be announced, however, if you sign up to the newsletter prior you can receive 50% off your first box!


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  1. 05/10/2016 / 5:41 am

    With help from lovely bloggers, we’ve been able to fine-tune our boxes before launch to ensure they really hit the spot. We have tweaked the tasting and added another activity so ? Thank you 🙂

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