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Once in a while a company crops up that i get very excited about and steals the show. So you can imagine my expression when my inbox pinged with a message from Mr Makeup himself, Adam Minto, inviting me to a product launch in London.

Makeup Obsession comes to you from Tam Beauty the creators of Makeup revolution and Freedom Makeup. They pride themselves on delivering good quality makeup at a reasonable price.

I ventured up to London as was greeted by a glass of bubbles and an array of beautiful Palette shades. What a choice!

img_7815 (Photo credits to the owner)
Makeup Obsession works a little differently to most makeup companies. They believe you should be able to choose what goes into your palette and that’s exactly what they have done. They give you a blank palette to build your very own. Simply insert the chosen shade of (wait for it) contour cream or powder, Highlight cream or powder, eye shadow matte or shimmer and even blush!
You can choose between a palette of 6 or 12 slots to fill with whatever you like.
If you’re a greedy guts like me i chose a few of each.












There are a few different types of palettes to choose from. In the 12 space palette you can either choose a white gloss finish or a black matte finish ( a personal fave) and in the 6 space palette you can either choose a white gloss finish or a gold mirror finish- that’s a tough choice in itself right!?

The pods can be purchased individually starting form £2 each or place them in a palette. Each of the individual pods are embossed with a star and come packed in a casing that can easily be removed by just popping out the bottom.

The product themselves are exactly what you would expect from a sister brand of Makeup revolutions; Long lasting, highly pigmented and creamy. I was really shocked at the pigmentation of the highlighters, they really do stay all day. Whilst talking to a makeup artist and the launch if you place the highlighter under foundation you can get a very subtle highlighter (you don’t HAVE to put it on top). The shades available are plentiful and really cater to all skin tones.



With Christmas just around the corner i can see these being a very good hit this christmas, from stocking fillers to full presents- What’s not to love?! I have no doubt this product will be a sellout in Boots as there is nothing on the market that can compare with this right now.

If you are not obsessed already you soon will be!


Makeup Obsessions available online from Boots and in most stores nationwide.



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