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Relection Thursdays  

It is very unusual that i sit down and write a ‘spur of the moment’ blog post, they are usually planned and kept in my ideas note book for a few days or weeks before i finalise and upload them. Today i was feeling nostalgic and have spent my whole day procrastinating telling myself i would do the housework later. This is what Autumn/Winter does to me. It makes me hide away in my shell, not only internally but also by burying my head in thick jumpers or chunky scarfs. However,  ...

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A Parcel that is Pink

Pink Parcel is a new subscription for me but it’s a box that gives you the perfect goodies and the worst times of the month. This is not one you’ll ever want to cancel. The company incorporates either pads and/or Tampons each month with a variety of goodies to get you through ‘that time’. This was my first Pink Parcel box and i was pleasantly surprised at how many products it actually contained! Like wow- the company really have thought about what a girl needs at  ...

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