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Gotta Secret… Can you Keep it? Secret Scent Box Review

Scent Box comes in perfumes ‘For Her’ and colognes ‘For Him’ and you’re guaranteed a new fragrance and designer brands each month. The company is relatively new and launched earlier this year. Priding themselves on giving a wide variety of designer perfumes for you to try, they are fast becoming a very popular choice for subscription box lovers.

I am have been lucky enough this month to work with Secret Scent Box to bring you October’s beautiful box.
Each month the company with send a small box that the box fits through your letterbox so there will be no trips to collect any missed post and enough perfume inside (normally 3 tubes) which will last you the entire month.

Fragrances smell different on everybody’s skin due to pH levels (how crazy right?) so be sure to test some on your wrist as well as over your clothes etc.

So this month saw 3 very popular fragrances come through the door.

  • Stella Mccartney POP
  • Dolce and Gabbana 3 L’Impératrice
  • Guerlain L`Instant Magic

It is really hard to pick a good fragrance in a department store, i feel every time i try to pick a good one the smell of another still lingers from the person before and they all start to smell the same. By having 3 samples a month sent it’s a great way to figure out the different types of perfume you like without the added pressure of the cashier looming over you.

For just £15 a month inc P&P you can have 3 different perfume samples sent to for you to try at your leisure – the perfect way to try them. Get a cheeky 10% off your first secret scent box today by subscribing to their newsletter.

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