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Natural Spa Factory- Face masks a million

I love a good face pack! That feeling of pure relaxation and cleanliness right there in your bathroom. Candles are lit in the corner, relaxing music in the back ground… pure heaven right?
If only it were just like that! I like to lock myself in the bathroom, iPod turned up to max, face mask on and a hope that my partner or step sons doesn’t knock on the door and ask those four words no one wants to hear whilst in relaxation mode…’Er…what are you doing?’. There is nothing worse than interrupted relaxation!
Thankfully the bolted door stayed shut last week and i was able to enjoy these beautiful masks from The Natural Spa Factory. For those of you that haven’t heard of the company, it started in 2009 by husband and wife  Emma Webber and Jeremy Smith.  Emma’s background in spa consultancy set them up to be a fantastic team ! The company only use botanically sourced ingredients derived from nature like herbs, plants and flowers – and all of their products are free from Parabens, SLS, MCI and Methylisothiazolinone. This means totally natural ingredients being massaged into your pores!

I was lucky enough to get my mits on two of their masks- No79 Pearl & Gold renewal peel off mask and Aegan Black Face wrap which is a charcoal and antioxidant mask. I have a real combination skin and these masks see to cover that wholeheartedly.

One thing that is a real sell point for me with masks is the smell. No mask is relaxing if it stinks to high heaven. However, these two smell gorgeously natural and not overpowering at all.

The Pearl and Gold mask especially did it for me! It comes in a powder that you need to mix with water … I mean you feel like a true chemistry worker mixing your lotions and potions. This made it super fun to do to!


I used these to masks a few days a part and i can only wish i had a whole box more! The softness of the skin for that entire week was dreamy! I felt like a baby’s bottom constantly.

One big question i am always asked is- Would i recommend a particular product? – And with the Natural Spa factory it’s a big fat YES! The masks are reasonably priced ranging from £4.95 to £9.95 and caters to most skin types. Not only is the price good, the product quality good and the smell divine- this product does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect in every way this mask is a must have for everyone’s basket right now!

I also recommend, as Christmas is shortly around the corner, their amazing Gift sets! I can only hope my family reads this last sentence and sends me one for Christmas- hint hint mum (!).

Shop these beautiful masks on their website now. www.naturalspafactory.com

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