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Primark (aka Penneys) has long be thought of as a cheap high street fashion store selling hundreds of clothes of a reasonable quality. The Irish brand has been around ever since i can remember and in the last 10 years has really made a come back into the fashion world. Primark actually welcomes 100 new lines of product to stores every single day (!) keeping their ideas and looks up to date.

In more recent years Primark has also branched out into home ware and makeup. After the great success of the Primark PS Love makeup collection a few years ago Primark have been trying to improve their makeup range.
2016 brought us PS…Pro Makeup and shelves have been stripped ever since. PS…Pro Makeup has been so popular i struggled to get my hands on these lovely items at my local store! Crazy right!? So i thought i would show you what all the fuss is about with the most important things a girl needs in any makeup bag.

Yes, foundation! All Makeup addicts drool over the high end ones, the ones that wipe away the imperfections and the ones that make us look flawless. But, what about the cheaper ranges that are just as good?

The two foundations you see in this blog post are Longwear Mineralized Foundation and Liquid Foundation.

The Longwear claims to provide all benefits of mineral powders, smoothes the appearance of skin imperfections & moisturises, provide excellent coverage with a natural finish and weightless feel and contain SPF 15 to protect the skin from the sun.
What i found with Longwear is that it actually is full coverage and it blends really easily. It seems to last all day too- only downside is it smells kind of like paint.

The Liquid foundation really is a medium coverage, if you prefer a full coverage definitely use the Longwear for sure.

The PS Lipstick i am still very unsure about. The shades to choose from are absolutely divine there is no arguing about that. Application is easy and the lipstick appears to give quite a thick coverage. It does tend to stay quite sticky though, although weirdly, i feel it lasts a little longer this way.
However at the price of 90p you can’t really moan at all! 90p- yep deadly serious this cost me 90p!

Now every girl needs a mascara- a non clogging, lash extending black tube of miracle gel!

This little beaut was £2.50, so it’s not going to set you back miles- i think kids actually get more than that pocket-money each week these days???
So this is the PS Lash Contour Mascara. I am not entirely sure how a mascara is meant to contour your lashes but never mind. The product itself is of reasonable quality with a good coverage. My lashes do appear lengthened and luscious, however, i wouldn’t say it has a false lash effect. Primark actually do a false lash effect mascara so if you wanted that thick lengthened look then go for that but this one is pretty standard with a standard result.

Don’t expect miracles but it is a great back up or top coat.

Last but not least i bring you the Lip Liner. Now, i was a little dubious how this pencil was going to fair with others, then i took the lid off… i was surprised to find a felt tip nib! That changed the game.

This felt tip like end makes it super super easy for application and, i think, actually lasts longer than pencil. It is really great for getting in all the nooks and crannies and super easy to wipe off too. Ten out of ten for this product.

My overall review for PS… Pro Makeup by Primark- Would i buy it and use it everyday? Well… yes and no. It doesn’t compare to the likes of Mac and Bobbi Brown, but then you aren’t paying the prices. For the price these products were fantastic and if i could not afford Mac etc i would definitely use this product. I will also use these products as an in between for when other makeup runs out, however, i will be purchasing all shades available for the Lip Liner Pen! I hope this helps all you lovelies out that have been looking to try PS…Pro Makeup.



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