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Down on Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane is a company that brings you the best in homeware and fashion. The company says ‘Our products are created for the dreamers of the world- for those who dare to believe and then make it happen.’
This company is slightly alternate to most homeware/fashion sellers. This company offer a very different take on things. Their items are bang up to date with the latest quotes and sayings and they also stock what everyone are trying to get their hands on. The latest items from Unicorn phone chargers (yes you heard that right) to marble cushion covers- it’s there and it’s selling fast!


I am a sucker for marble like items with a twist so when i spotted this phone case i may have let out a slight whimper of excitement. I would say it is made out of a toughened silicone, which means, it kind of bounces whenever i drop it (note i do not actually recommend dropping it!!). So this one is actually called Electric Pearl Marble and retails for £12.50, which in my opinion, is a great bargain. You can tell by the quality it is going to last and not split or become flimsy.

The quotes range from £6-£8 and come in a wide variety of different fonts and sayings. They are #GIRLBOSS and Disney inspired too, to name a few- go and have a peak , I wanted them all!!!! The two carded quotes do not come with frames! However, places like the range have a nice frame for around £2 or £3.


Coconut-Lane have a wide variety of jewellery and oh my… it is beautiful. From bangles to necklaces to rings, they have it all and it really is good quality. There is nothing worse than buying cheap rubbish jewellery and it lasting 2 minutes.
The beautiful beast is a slightly longer chain and was only £12.50! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but like i said above, i am a sucker for marble.

Not only do they sell all these wonderful things they are now offering Sass boxes with one type of everything in it etc. Ranging from £32 to £50 , build your own or select one of the pre-boxed options. These are going to be perfect for Christmas gifts and are going to sell out mega fast.

Now wanting one of everything they sell comes at a price! But that is where i come in, use my code at the check out to get 20% off your entire basket! Code: abloggersbeauty20 just shop the range here.




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