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Sparkler Season

This is one of my favourite times of year. The lead up to Christmas from October is simply perfect. The colours are mainly what does it. Loads of reds and golds!! What really gets me in the mood ready for christmas is Bonfire night! Where we live there are quite a few displays, but, unless you have a 4×4 you cant really go. Parking in boggy fields in my car means a tow out every time! It’s just not fun. So we occassionally have fireworks at home, however, after a Catherine Wheel took the fence with it a few years ago we havent really done much since.

This year is a bit different. We now live about a quarter of a mile away from a field on a hill that looks over the entire town. It is the perfect spot to take a blanket, a bottle of wine and watch everyone else’s without losing a fence panel! We took some sparklers with us for the inner children in us !

Despite the fact it was -1c there is something so beautiful about a sparkler !

Happy Bonfire Night!



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