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Love Me Beauty November

After last months amazing Enchanted Edit my hopes of Love Me Beauty topping was slim…. How wrong i was! Just when you think it can’t get any better they add a splash of OPI and Benefit into the mix and come up with the Night Fall Edit.

Each Month the Love Me beauty membership is worth 60 credits which you use to choose the items inside your box. However, you can now add on credits to your membership too to be able to choose more items. The products range from hair care to skin care to makeup to tools- for all your needs you are covered. When signing up to Love Me Beauty you are asked to answer a few simple questions that help them understand your skin/hair/makeup requirements a bit more. This way they can offer the best possible items to you for your skin etc.

– 1 Month membership: 60 credits/month plus 30 bonus credits every 3rd month. Worth £42/month, only £10 + p&p (rolling, cancel anytime)
– 3 Month Membership: 180 credits* plus bonus 30 extra credits straight away. Worth £147, only £30 + p&p (pre-payment) then rolling
– 6 Month Membership: 360 credits* plus bonus 60 extra credits straight away. Worth £294, only £60 + p&p (pre-payment) then rolling
– 12 Month Membership: 720 credits* plus bonus 120 extra credits straight away. Worth £588, only £120 + p&p (pre-payment) then rolling

I recently recommended a close friend of mine and received 65 credits for doing so. That meant this month i had the usual 60 credits plus the extra 65 to use.

– Caudalie Festive hand cream Merlot 30ml 15 credits
This hand cream smells divine! Vine like yet buttery. This hand cream really nourishes your hands  it leaves them feeling super soft and repaired. It absorbs super fast which is a must for me, i hate when that sticky feeling lingers. I really love that you can use this product on your nails too. It’s always good to nourish your cuticles and keep them healthy, contrary to what some people may think, cuticles aren’t piles of dead skin that gathers at the base of the nail. In fact, they’re living parts of the skin that serve an important purpose. Cuticles are attached to the nails and help keep them healthy by protecting them from bacterial and fungal infections. Nourish them ladies- keep them beautiful!

-BareMinerals SkinLongevity 7.5ml 10 credits
This little tube is actually a lightweight serum essence with herb extract, to help protect skin against visible signs of aging and damage for ridiculously glowing skin. This product i have seen has amazing results! I personally cannot see a difference but i am a lucky 25 year old who hasn’t seen the onset of wrinkles yet. However, it is said ‘This dynamic, first-of-its-kind infusion is designed to revive and help maintain skin’s most vibrant, healthy look and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With bareMinerals’s patented long life herb extract at its core, the formula helps to promote skin’s natural vitality while replenishing it with moisture and the look of youth. Skin is left feeling empowered, renewed, and fortified with enhanced resilience and a glowing, healthy look.’

-BareMinerals Lash Domination 1.5ml 10 credits
This is the mascara to end all other mascaras. this is a 10 in 1 Lash loving tube of lusciousness. Lengthening, thickening, separating, long-wearing and smudge proof- literally the only thing it can’t do is make you a coffee! This mascara is THE mascara. The wand is spiraled to curve around lashes and coat all angles of lash. I really found this mascara to beat all the other brands that i have tried in my blogging career. (maybe a Mascara March Off is in order)!

-Ecotools 1310 Makeup Brush Cloths 10 credits
I am going to be totally honest, when i saw brush cloths i did role my eyes- like really ? another fad product a company is trying to sell you. And then… i used them! How could i have ever rolled my eyes! In my head i was already writing a hypothetical apology email to Ecotools! As a blogger having clean tools is so hard! Like, we use them daily like everyone else but you need them clean and ready for that photo opportunity or spur of the moment tutorial video and cleaning is a chhoorrreee! I hate it, i would rather do the dishes. But these cloths are effortless! For those skeptical eye rollers out there PUT THEM IN YOUR ONLINE BASKET! They are super easy to use and super quick too!

-Ecotools 1305 Blending & Bronzing 20 Credits
When it comes to tools there is not normally that much you can say. EcoTools are super soft and very very precise. I particularly like them because not only are they are cruelty free, but, the products are made from recycled bamboo and recycled aluminium and plastic. Plastic never biodegrade’s so i feel it is really important to stop making more and more and just recycle what we have- and this company hit the nail on the head.

-Ecotools 1217 eye enhancing duo brushes 20 credits
As i said above there is not too much you can say for brushes. This double-sided set has 4 brush heads condensed onto 2 handles, freeing up space in your makeup bag and making new eye looks a breeze!- a Smudge brush and a define brush! The perfect combo.

-OPI Strawberry Margarita 15ml 20 credits
I feel like i never need to try to explain any of the OPI Products, everyone knows how fantastic they are and how long wearing! I really love the shade its a vibrant bubblegum pink. A shade that will look flattering on any skintone, this pink will add life to any outfit!

-Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque 10ml 10 credits
This cooling and detoxifying treatment masque utilizes an invigorating, balancing clay formula to draw out impurities, clean skin and refine pores for a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. This product is super good for acne prone skin!

-Exuviance Clarifying Facial Cleanser 15ml 10 credits
This foaming cleanser, with its antibacterial properties, helps promote a clean, clear, trouble-free complexion. Bacteria causing blemishes are reduced and surface oils are normalised, whilst the cleanser also provides deep cleansing to acne-prone, problematic skin.

Now i normally end these with my Verdict of the company and then the individual products, but, by now you’ll know Love Me Beauty is always going to be a subscription for me. As for the products- well this month they speak for themselves- why wouldn’t you subscribe!

Subscribe now and use code abloggersbeauty20 to get 20% off !



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