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I was always a little skeptical about teeth whitening products. You hear all these horror stories and i thought unless you go to a dentist or up to Harley Street then your teeth would probably fall out. Little drastic i know but your teeth are precious and you shouldn’t just put any old rubbish on them.

I have done a lot of research and Hey White Smile seemed to have a good few reviews.
The clincher for me was their Instagram page to be honest. It shows all the celebrities using them, and if anyone would sue they would, a shallow thought i know but it is a kind of realistic view.

When my product arrived it didn’t come in a box and tray like specified on the website it was just loose in a jiffy bag which was a bit annoying. However, the product itself was not damaged.

The delivery of the product to the UK cost $19 USD which is a bit steep but i then also had to pay £13.40 import charges. (Lesson learnt not to order from America just because it is cheaper.)

The product itself is super easy to use. Simply place a quarter of the liquid into the top teeth tray and a quarter in the bottom. Tear off the tab on the front of the trays and place securely into your mouth. Then secure the LED light to the front of your teeth over the tray using your lips to hold it in place. Hold that for 20-30 mins a few times a week and you’re good to go.

Warning for all those ladies that embarrassed easily – you are going to drool if you have a small mouth. It is the bodies natural thing to do when there is a foreign object in your mouth and a silicone tray is no different. You will salivate worse than a Bloodhound at dinner time. For the most part I didn’t have this problem but the last-minute or two I really struggled to contain it.

For my first encounter with home teeth whitening kits I was surprised how easy it was to use. The product lasted me for a few weeks but the more you use the quicker it goes (obviously).

I did find that my teeth whitened around one shade lighter.  See my before and after pics below!




  1. Stephanie
    29/11/2016 / 4:14 pm

    I ordered from hey white smile in July it’s now November almost December and I still have not received my order or any response from my emails inquiring as to where my product is. For a company that is endorsed by so many celebrities it sure does forget about the little guys!

    • ABloggersBeauty
      30/11/2016 / 9:19 am

      Hi Steph, oh no! Try contacting them through their Instagram page they seemed to respond reasonably quickly through that 🙂

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