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How I Stay Organised – A Bloggers Life

I get asked every day how i have the time to blog but it is all about staying organised. Having everything ready 24/7 and being prepared is what sets you aside in this industry. From juggling social media, to sponsored post due dates, blogging can be an immense task. Falling behind in any aspect of your blog can really effect that months statistics. Over the months new ideas on how is best to organise my hectic life have come and gone but i now feel i am pretty spot on with it.

First of all i want to tell you i am not just a blogger. I  have a family, a home and a full time job to run. I have to fit in all my media events, advertising events and conventions around this plus make time for my social media and actually blogging (of course).

So here are my top tips;

1- Preparation

This is the one top most important thing about blogging (in my opinion). In this industry, there is no winging it- unless its eyeliner ! Preparation is key, as they say, ‘Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.’

So, how do i prepare? I have an A5 notebook that has pages of ideas and brainstorming for each month. I have a mapped out plan for the month ahead which i try my best to stick to. By doing a list of what to upload when i can, means i can make sure i tell you all about the fantastic things that are happening or that you can get for that month. I brainstorm for the next month in advance for in fill posts. In fill posts are the extra little posts that we think ‘oooo i have to tell everyone about that’. Everyone gets those ideas but, ‘straight away’, is not always the best time to post them. Also by doing this it allows you to really quickly check back over posts you may have already done. Nothing worse than hearing the same thing twice (unless it’s extremely worth saying).

2- Flat lay props

Im hoping you all know what a flat lay is by now (?) but for those that do not, a flat lay is the background and items used in a photograph when taking a picture of products. I think this is a really important point to make if you want to spice up those photos. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make those pictures look good. For example, December is fast approaching and i have recently decorated my lounge. I have changed over the potpourri which included some pine comes in the box. I have whipped out these pine cones as it will look great in some photos. See? Some people like to buy props especially for blogging, however, i like to buy home bits that can be used for both. There are no rules or right or wrong ways for flat lays so do what you feel is the most comfortable.

3- Photos

It is super important to have my photos sorted. I try and do all my photos at the weekend ready for the following week. If you’re like me and work all day it makes it really difficult to get natural light on your photos, especially in the winter months. You get up in the dark and get home in the dark. By doing things this way I can guarantee naturally lit photos.

4- PR Notes

I keep a list of PR companies who I currently have a relationship with, people who I have turned away, people that have turned me away and no responses.

Don’t worry this isn’t some sort of Regina George Burn Book. This saves any embarrassment, firstly, for myself. For example if I am turned down and re-approached them – how embarrassing that could be. And secondly to show professionalism. If a company contacts me that did a few months/ years ago I want to be able to see the outcome first time round. Again it saves the embarrassment for yourself and the company too.

5- Lists

Lists are my best friends ! When to post, what to post, what to include, reminders, comments to be made, companies to be contacted … trust me the lists are endless.

People have different ways of organising themselves but this simply how I find best works for me. I have tried so many different ways but I either couldn’t keep up with them or I’d lose them. PostIt notes were a disaster but that’s another post.

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