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How to achieve the perfect flat lay

Perfectly folded clothes, impeccable flowers and the  unused candle- sounds like your typical Instagram post doesn’t it?
Flat lays are a fairly new thing in blogging, since the rise in Instagram usage. Basically, it is where you arrange items in a particular way and then take a photo of it from overhead in a good light. This year (2016) has been the year of definition with regard to flat lays. In the past year people have been more and more hooked on getting this simple thing so right.

But what makes the perfect Flat Lay?

I have taken a few photos of some seasonal items i am using right now for blog props. People laugh when they see me put together a piece, they watch my scuttle around the house picking and choosing items from everywhere, These items do not have to be expensive, they don’t even have to be bought for this particular lay, they can be simple household items. Places like Poundland and Wilkinsons are amazing for cheap decor bits.

So the actual real back ground-
White, marble or wood backgrounds are the best for any type of flat lay photos because of their versatility and simplicity. The background to your flat lay is what can make or break it. Too dark and you risk the loss of definition, too light and it’ll burn the viewers eyes. As you can see i have used marble in the most natural light possible. Do not be under the impression that bloggers do not edit their photos, we all do, there is no perfect light!

Composition is key-
Whether you are going for a simple or clean look, composition is key to a good flat lay. Create space between each object and consider symmetry on both sides of the frame. Composition is one of the most important points as it can make or break a photo.

Pick a Theme- stick to it-
The Instagram accounts that get the most attention seem to be those that have a specific theme. Flat lays are supposed to tell a visual story, so when you choose a theme stick to it, resist throwing a curve ball in.

Quality over Quantity every day of the week! Your blog will not work if you are uploading hundreds of out of focus photos. Take your time to edit each and every one of them. The overall shot should look effortless, so change things around- rearrange until you’re happy.

One last point- never under estimate the use of blue Tack to hold things in the right places! Every blogger has their secrets and this is one of mine!



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