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Mini V, Mini Me! Mini V Nutrition eat your heart out!

Mini V Nutrition has been designed and developed by Vicky Pattison from MTV’s Geordie Shore. Vicky is also known for her  incredible weight loss and successful fitness DVD. Her next step was to design and develop her very own nutritional protein and supplement range. From Protein powder to Tea box Vicky has really catered to it all.

I had a fantastic opportunity to test out the supplements to see what they were really like. Now i am never one for weight loss items on my blog but this is just one i couldn’t simply say no to.

I will be testing 3 supplements. A Supergreens supplement to be taken with breakfast every morning, a Burn supplement to be taken before exercising and a Detox supplement to be taken before bed time. Here is my 30 day trial;

Day 2

So day one i didn’t see any changes at all, but, by day 2 i was B-L-O-A-T-E-D!!!! My stomach is so swollen i think i actually may be pregnant! But no im not. I am sure it is just the extra in-take of water and my body adjusting to the changes.

Day 4

Bloating is decreasing and my stomach actually seems less bloated than what it is on a day-to-day basis. I don’t think the Mini: Burn caffeine has kicked in yet i am still my sluggish self. However, day 4 and i still haven’t started the new exercise regime. MUST START MONDAY!

Day 11

I started working out! Fingers crossed this helps with the weight control. I find i am drinking more and more water each day. Think i am up to about 2.5ltrs and that’s not even a struggle! I have noticed the Detox tablets have really started to taste of Licorice ! Not something i am a fan of, but, if you drink with lemon water it really helps.

Day 15

My stomach is not bloated at all anymore which means i must have lost a few inches from around the waist! (YAY)

Day 19

Weight loss and bloat reduction seems to have slowed down for now but still maintained a a steady minimum, i think i have reached peak. Now Just to keep this going.

Day 25

Pretty impressed with these beauts of a tablet. Every day i have the energy to get out and do things, exercise and eat healthy. These supplements keep me motivated and empowered.

So I’ve been using the supplements for around a month now and are they good? do they work? I know these are the questions you guys are dying to know. And there are two answers- yes and no!

No- They don’t work if you don’t!

Yes- If you are prepared to stick to the routine and eat well along with mild exercise these supplements DO WORK! i feel cleaner (weirdly) and clearer. I also have lost 6 lbs and am well on my way to a healthier better lifestyle. Massive thumbs up to Vicky Pattison and her team over at Mini V Nutrition.

To purchase these beauts simply head to www.minivnutrition.com . These supplements are £24.99 each or 3 for £74.97.



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