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Bauble OCD IS a Thing

I’m no Scrooge, I absolutely love Christmas. I love chucking everything on the tree! If you read my post CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ON A BUDGET you know all about my Christmas tree habits. However, sometimes people ‘suffer’ from Bauble OCD. What is that you ask? It is when people have a particular way of hanging their baubles and other decorations and heaven forbid if you were to change it or rearrange it in some way.

Bauble OCD is a thing! I agree, when children are involved it is a little different. Children tend to put 50 baubles on 5 branches in the space of about 20cms and the rest of the tree is left bare.

“I’ll admit, I do rearrange what the girls have done when they’re not looking! It has to look coordinated!’ Says Katie a mum of two lovely girls.

Whilst it is a heart wrenching thing to change such a ‘masterpiece’ once they are in bed… i think we all have done it.
Children aside, i am talking about the people out with the measuring tape or re-doing the tree three times because they are not even- those people.

I personally cannot understand why the Christmas tree has to be so perfect so i talked to some of these people and asked- what on earth!?

Rebecca, a Business Analyst, from Kent says, ‘It is all about organised baubles, respect for a tasteful bauble balanced tree!’

Sally, a stay at home mum for Chester, says, ‘Side by side, 10cm apart with a theme. Why would you just slap it all on? What a mess!’

Brian, a property developer from middlesex explains, ‘It’s not necessarily having them a set way it’s about it looking like a glossy magazine. If i can have a tree that looks like times square, ill have a tree that looks like times square. Perfect in every way.’

My chuck it all on and hope for the best attitude seems to be the minority. No theme, no spacing, just pure solid hand made beauties.

Drop me a comment on how you do yours?

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