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My Brush Addiction – Six Plus Brush Review

Now this review has been a long time coming. In truth, i may have temporarily lost the brushes for a few months, but all is saved and here they are.

So this beautiful set comes courtesy of SixPlus Cosmetics. The company believe that every single woman on the surface of this planet deserves a unique and special runaway look, and their aim is to provide the best makeup products to ensure that it is something achievable

This particular kit is the SIXPLUS 12Pcs Shining Handle Soft Horse Hair Eye Blue Makeup Brush Set. It includes 12 different brushes, all made with natural horse hair synthetic hair. They are soft silky and resilient and easier to pick up powder than a lot of other brushes.
They include a small case and have strong wooden handles. A great bonus is the fact that the set comes with a lifetime warranty too.

This set includes;

-Powder brush, apply with natural pressed powder products
-Round foundation brush,apply with liquid foundation
-Angled blush brush ,apply with blush products
-Highlight brush ,apply products to eye or nose corner
-Small highlight brush
-Eyeshadow brush,with horse hair
-Eyeshadow brush,with horse hair
-Blending brush
-Small eyeshadow brush ,with horse hair
-Eyebrow brush,to have a tottoo eyebrow effect
-Eyeliner brush ,apply with cream eyeliner products
-Lip brush,travel lip brush

For a price of £35.99 for a 12 piece set i feel these brushes are amazing quality for money. I have really pulled at the hairs in the brushes and not one has fallen out which is reasonably surprising. The bristles are extremely soft and when make up is applied, directly on to the brush, there is not a lot of waste of product. On applying make up the application was easy and coverage was good, better than I have achieved with most sponge applicators.

The company do lots of various beautiful sets of which you can see here. Although you cannot buy direct through their website, the website has links to their amazon shop.

What are your favourite brushes?


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