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The cheaper alternative to a Neewer Ring Light

In the UK a Neewer Ring Light retails for around £75-£100. Sometimes it is hard to afford that sort of money at certain times. I wanted to show you how you don’t have to fork out that money. There are so many ways of doing things a lot cheaper.

So above you will see a Fluorescent tube light in the shape of the ring. This is £9.99 from amazon. It is a bright natural light lamp. At 32W and energy-saving it is perfect of these winter evenings.

Now this lamp can’t glow without power, so you’ll need this contraption.

This is a Mercury Switched Clip on lamp Holder. This is like a light bulb fitting, however, the clip makes it super easy to use anywhere. I have had this clipped to kitchen cupboard handles, a tripod, my nose (yes you heard that right- the extremes us bloggers go to ay!), the physical ceiling light shade.

This clip power lamp holder makes it super easy to get natural white light practically anywhere. Although natural light is always a winner, this product is a great alternative for those struggling with the darker nights. This is only £3.80 also from amazon.

That means you can the same results as with a Newer light for only £13.79!

So this is me using the light. See… not as glamorous as everyone maybe first thought.

Known that this lamp does get HOT! So please please remember to use it light hair straighteners! Don’t let it sit on fabric for too long and do not leave on for long periods of time.

NOTE: Please ensure that the bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage recommended for your light fitting.

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