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2016 Beauty Boxes

2016 was THE year of subscription boxes! There were highs and there were lows. I am going to show you what i think has been the best boxes from each individual company from the past 12 months. From discovering new products to testing ones you’ve had your eye on for ages, and covering niches such as organic beauty, nail polish-only and perfume- there really is a box for everyone.

So, in no particular order, i have chosen the best box for the year from each company i currently review.


December! This was my second box i received from Dollibox and i was super excited when i opened it and saw all the products. I had been waiting to try a lot of these products and my needs were finally satisfied.

Pink Parcel

December! I love this little monthly treat, it comes at the perfect time each month and covers all of your monthly needs. I loved the variation in the Decembers box… a real little bit of everything.

Vertue Box

December! Although i have so far only received one box from Vertue Box, i felt i had to include it as it was so beautiful. A tough cookie to beat. All natural and green, this bi-monthly box is stunning and perfect.

My Little Box

November! I have received 2 boxes from this company and it was really tough to choose between the two. Really hard. This Goodnight November edition was just so pretty, everything you could need for piece, quiet and tranquility.


September! This month saw 2… yes 2 boxes arrive. I loved this edit. Makeup, skincare, haircare… it was all there. My skin needed some TLC after the summer sun and this edit just blew my mind.


November! This was the start of the party season and Glossybox just got it so so right! I went on to re-purchase all of these products, they were the best of the best!


October (quarterly box)! This box, literally, blew my mind! I can not put into words my love for this box… see for yourself, beauty like you have never seen before.

Love Me Beauty

October! Love Me Beauty has seen some highs and some lows and yes, i did have extra credits for this edit, but it was so worth it! Nails, Makeup, Skincare, tools…. it was all there! By far their best edit so far!

Latest in Beauty

November! Again this was the only box i received from Latest in Beauty, however, i love that i got to choose it all.  For he price it is bargain central. Although they are not brands i haven’t heard of it is good to stock up on some old faithful’s.

Little Bit Lavish

November! November is the only box from the company i have had, however, the smell of the box when i opened it was divine. I had to include this one as i must recommend everyone get a box at least once from Little Bit Lavish.


It seems that most companies pull out all the stops towards the end of the year, but by good, there has been so amazing boxes. Please note this post has not ben sponsored or in flunked by anyone. These are my opinions of the boxes and companies for the year.

2017… I feel you are going to be even better than 2016.

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