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Is The Rise of the Beauty Blogger affecting how people shop?

Beauty bloggers are everywhere these days, you can not scroll through Instagram with out seeing a ‘you’ve got to buy this’ post. I am a key culprit of this. I love showing everyone what i love and what works well for me. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you can save a lot of people a lot of money if you’ve bought an expensive product that is awful (for example).
The rise of computers, tablets and smart phones has enabled consumers to connect and interact with one another via the Internet, but, it has also encouraged consumers to share their feelings and opinions on products and companies.
According to data from a research study conducted by Research Now, nearly nine in 10 shoppers (84%) make purchases after reading about a product or service written on a blog. Among these readers, between the ages of 18-34, blogs were ranked as the most important source of information when making purchases.

One statistic i found was that Glossybox, a monthly subscription service for beauty products, has 80% of its customers comes from word of mouth. (source here). This is a really shocking statistic!
Another statistic i found was blogs have been voted as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. Us bloggers pour our heart and souls into our pages, we are honest and clear of our thoughts and opinions and it is finally paying off.

The sad side of this is that social media has changed our perception of beauty. I actually did a dissertation regarding this subject 7 years ago. It really is an interest of mine as no one ever really notices it, yet, it is a huge part of our lives. Through hashtags like #IWokeUpLikeThis and #nomakeup, it’s easy for women to see a selfie and internalize the belief that the person behind the selfie really did wake up like that. Chances are, they probably didn’t. Women have it drummed into them, this is what skinny is, this is what curvy is, this is what you should look like… some bloggers may aspire to be like that but others will tell you all about the products they use or what has made them how they are today.

Bloggers are striving to get those likes and those follows every single day. As a result of our desire to have the most number of “likes” and followers, we’ve begun to focus on the external, rather than the internal. No longer are we trying to be the best version of ourselves for ourselves, we’re striving to be the best version of ourselves for others. However, brands are picking apart the pansies from the peony’s. They look for those that are totally themselves and are unique. Those people are the influencers. Those are the ones people trust and listen to.

Instagram provides some major inspiration and that’s one of the main reasons I love it. It allows us to connect with people in different countries at any given time, if only through photos, and find daily inspiration in beauty, fashion and design. 87% of social media users now have a smart phone (!) so its no wonder why people are online so much.
Last but not least US adults spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day watching video on digital devices. Whether this be blogger videos or adverts, people are still seeing a companies products as the must have item.

So is the rise of the beauty blogger affecting how people shop? – Without a doubt.

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