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28 Blog Post Ideas for February

Everyone spends January trying to get back into the swing of things, new year, new start and all that Jazz. But everyone know February is the month that we really get stuff done. The diets are out the window, the gym membership has stopped being used and you finally have your time back to do more things… like procrastinate. Just kidding. It’s time to concentrate on getting that blog back up to the standard you wanted it to be this time last year!

So here are my 28 blogging ideas for February. A blog idea for everyday.

  1. Write a post for beginners on a topic
  2. Vlog!
  3. Create a vision board
  4. “Things i have learnt from being a …”
  5. Your everyday products
  6. Beauty travel essentials
  7. An “if money was no object” wishlist
  8. Budget beauty essentials
  9. Your beauty tips and hacks
  10. You skin care routine/journey
  11. Your favourite beauty bloggers
  12. Your favourite Instagram accounts
  13. Your resources list
  14. 10 fun facts about you
  15. Giveaway
  16. Beauty trends you never really understood
  17. Your favourite beauty brand
  18. Your favourite perfumes
  19. Upcoming/ launching products
  20. Your beauty journey
  21. Beauty Do’s and Don’ts
  22. Top trending beauty tips right now
  23. This months must haves
  24. This seasons best/worst dressed
  25. Your top products you use to relax with
  26. Night time routine
  27. Cover a current beauty news issue
  28. What have you been up to post

Happy blogging!

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