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2017 The Life Changing year of Not Giving a F**k

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately. 2016 saw my blog posts go from beauty to beauty product with a few touches of lifestyle in between. 2017, it’s time to change that and up the game.
Today is February 6th and this is my fresh start (everyone knows January is just a trial month anyway). Weirdly, i feel different. I feel clear and motivated- it is very rare I have days like this. I’ve been thinking about my relationship with my blog, about what content I want to create, about what content other people are creating, about what i would want to see on my blog.

I’ve been reading A LOT of blogs recently, i mean a lot. Easily in the high hundreds. Although most i have looked at have been beauty orientated or lifestyle orientated it has made me realise a few things. Taking my blog in an ever so slight new direction is definitely the right way to go for me and writing posts because i want to write them, rather than because i should, is best.

The blogs I have been reading are so very different, literally, every single one was so different, yet they all had a similar underlying theme of “hey, this is my life and this is the stuff I like and are doing”. I don’t want that to be me. I am not a bragger. My aim is to tell you about something not because i want to show it off in a ‘look what I’ve got attitude’, but because it’s an amazing item everyone needs to know about or because you should not waste a single minute of your time going to buy it.

So, I’ve been really thinking about what sort of content I want to create and use. I still love my beauty boxes and makeup and skincare etc they will always be a part of me and you will always see them on my blog, always! Now this is the new bit- I want to create more lifestyle posts and posts about my life and the places I have been to. I love reading about the little shacks people have found and stayed at on a whim, or, the new sofa you purchased that compliments your lounge like a macaroon to hot chocolate. I want that! It is what my blog has been missing all along and its nearly taking me a year to realise.

My blog will be a year old on 1st March so what better opportunity than to start now. I want to make sure with my content I favour quality over quantity. I want the variation of posts. I want to love every single post i put up and feel a sense of pride. There are always certain pieces of content that we read that makes you think ‘yeh, that’s pretty damn good. Proud of that.’ I want that feeling on every single published post.
So from now on expect to read about the new amazing muffin recipe i just found or my new kitchen (this really will be coming soon) and even a possible (fingers crossed) extra set of fingers and toes in the family. Of course this is all with a bit of lipstick smeared on it too. No longer will be blog be so rigid.

One post that i love doing that you will continue to see every month without fail is the ABB Book club post. For anyone who hasn’t read that yet you can see it here. Everyone needs that escape from the day to day mundane life and book offers just that… an escape!

It is time to start living rather than existing, 2017 is the year i do what i want to do, not what everyone else wants me to do. 2017, this year will be life changing.

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