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Little Known Box Review – January 2017

Little Known Box is still a relatively new subscription box that includes loads of ethically sourced products throughout all their boxes.  The company is passionate about featuring ‘little-known’ products, from independent, niche, upcoming and emerging brands.

Your box will be sent around the 21st of the month and contain between 5 and 6 different items to discover and enjoy at home.
This is my second Little known Box and was shocked it actually came with 2 bonus products. So instead of 5 products i got 7!

My box contained;

– Tisserand Hand cream
– Bee Good Cream Cleanser and mini cloth
– Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm
– Ooharr Face Mash
– Tabitha James Kraan 4 in 1 conditioner

– Rekze Laboratories Hair wipes
– Rekze Laboratories 63 Shampoo and Conditioner

Instead of doing an individual product review this month i thought i would do a company review. Is Little known box good value? Is it worth the monthly cost? Those are the questions i get asked about beauty boxes every single day, so here are the answers.

Firstly the cost. You can choose a monthly plan for £14.95 + P&P or choose from prepay plans of  3, 6 or 12 months from £43.35-£149.40. You can also go to the shop tab and purchase one off past boxes from the past 3 months which is great if you saw a box you liked recently. I love this option as sometimes you order to late and may received the following months box, so you can always go back and pick and choose which box you want. One off boxes are £15.95 and there is also a Limited Edition box to get your paws on for £34.95.

Secondly, the value. This month saw a few extra goodies, however, usually you will receive 5 or 6 full or travel size products. January saw a box with product value of £33.05, that is double the cost of the box! Therefore, I would class this box as great value for money.

You can cancel this box at any time if you take the monthly rolling contract, so taking a box and trying it out for one month is a great way to see if it is for you. The company pride themselves in finding those unknown quality brands and showing you what they are all about. I personally love this because not only does it help the small companies grow their audience it helps the customer find those wonderful different products you may not normally try.

Overall, yes I think its a great little box to subscribe too. If you would like to subscribe simply click here!


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