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The Hollywood Browzer hair removal tool

You all know my love hate relationship with my brows and if you don’t i suggest you first read my brow post which explains everything. I am blonde, therefore, my brows are extremely light which is a good and a bad thing. It is good because you could go months without a wax and you really would never know. All my hair is extremely fine so you don’t really see any stray hairs- pretty great huh! The bad part is defining them. But i am not going to sit here and write a moaning post, i have already done that.

This piece is all about an amazing product i actually discovered thanks to Heidi over at Chronic Beauty .

The Hollywood Browzer from Pembrook Products is a small tool that kind of looks like a cut throat razor. It is a blade that, when held at a 45 degree angle, glides over the skin removing fine or stubborn hair in its path. Just use short gentle strokes on the area required, the hair will come off instantly with virtually no pain, redness or irritation. The Hollywood Browzer is the new waxing!
The blade and handle are light-weight and is also very easy to use.

What i love most about the Browzer is that it makes so easy to remove unwanted hair in awkward places plus it’s virtually painless. Because this is effectively a blade with no lotion etc it is also great for sensitive skin. What’s more is it won’t be taken away from you at the airport going through security either!
The problem with waxing is, although it may last a little longer, you have to stay in the house a few hours for the redness to reduce. With the Browzer simply glide and go!
One thing you note is not to apply pressure when you use it as this can make the skin irritated or even cut. It is also important that you clean the blade with a dry cloth or tissue after use as the hair and dead skin cells will accumulate and cause the blade to feel blunt upon next use (even though it isn’t).
The is a small instruction card in the pouch when you open it in case you are unsure how to use.

I really think Pembrook Products are really on to something here. This is going to change the world of hair removal as we know it! Pain free instant hair removal at any where in the world- why wouldn’t you want it!

The Browzer lasts for 2-3 months and costs just £15 for 2. This works out cheaper than most razors you can purchase in the supermarket. This product is great for women AND men and can be used on pretty much any part of the body.


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