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Finding how to switch off

I’ve really been throwing myself into my writing recently and it was brought to my attention that i need to take some time for myself for a change. My mind has been whirring with YouTube numbers and edited videos, of Instagram ideas and emails to reply to, of posts to be written and tweets to be scheduled. Life is a never end list of things i must get done and its time to take some me time. At the end of the month I have planned a spa weekend away which i super excited about.

Switching off is something i feel us bloggers need to do more often. When you are a blogger or writer you are constantly are thinking of writing or photos or props, it is just something that bobs along in your head continually. This is not said critically. It is good to be able to submerge yourself in your passion, but, it is also good to step away and come back with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.
In a world full of technology at every turn it make it difficult to not check your emails or Instagram etc, you know there is going to be at least a dozen of notifications you need to respond to, if not then more. We are obsessed. When we don’t have our phones with us we feel lost. However, we have to learn to step away even for a few hours and chill. But how do we do this in the era of Google and Facebook?
Here are five ways to disconnect with everything, to relax and take that time away to just be;

– Put your phone in airplane mode or better yet switch it off, this is the first step to relaxing.
You can’t fully relax if your phone is going ping every 2 minutes.

– Bubbles! Bubble baths that are scented with lavender aid in relaxing and calming the
body and mind. There are so many gorgeous ones out there that leave your skin so
super soft. Some people aren’t a fan of the bubbles but a good substitute for this
is the Amber & Lavender Bath Oil from Jo Malone (a personal fave).

– READ! Yes, you heard that right. Reading is a great way to forget about everything. You
can sink into the story of someone else’s life or tale. The time can run away with you
when you read and sometimes it is good to get lost in a book. I actually have a book
club that you can find here. Feel free to join whenever you wish.

– Walk! Really, it does help. Wherever you live, whether beaches of Greece or the
orchards of England, there is a field to trudge through or puddles to jump in. Not only
does oxygen fill our lungs the exercise will release endorphin’s which will automatically
help us feel good. Double whammy!

-Music! Music (as long as it is calm music) can help you relax and chill. Go plug
into your favourite album and dance the night away.

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  1. sam
    22/02/2017 / 11:58 am

    Totally agree! Chilling is so important x

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