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A Beauty Bloggers favourite brush – The Eco way of makeup application

In the past five to seven years the makeup industry has changed dramatically. People are starting to realise what they are putting on their skin and are becoming more and more concerned about it. One thing we tend to ‘brush under the carpet a little’ (no pun intended) is how we apply it. I think there are two kinds of makeup addicts; ones that apply with their hands and fingers and ones that use a brush. But what if i told you that the making of animal hair makeup brushes is more horrific than you think.
I would like to state right now i am not an animal activist, nor am i Vegan nor am i going to stand outside parliament with ‘Free the animal’ signs.
Most makeup brush companies that are not natural explain that the hair is sourced from animal fur shedding or when they are shaved. This is simply not true. The hair is sourced when the animal is sent to slaughter. It is as simple as that! That is why i try to use natural tools where ever i can. For me, although i am a meat eater and maybe slightly hypercritical you might say, the thought of using animal hair on my face does make me feel a little sick. Who knows the horse brush you so beautifully use to apply that expensive chemical foundation could have come from right next to the horses back side! Obviously all the hair is cleaned etc, but for me- straight away it’s a no go. ( I am going somewhere with this i promise)!

Now what if i told you that you could get amazing natural makeup brushes made from recycled, natural and sustainable materials that work and feel just as good? Now i know you’re thinking- yeh sure! But i promise this is true.
EcoTools has been around for a little while now and they have only recently really hit the spotlight. They have recently launched an Anniversary Brush Set to celebrate their 10th anniversary, but i warn you now, you are probably going to struggle to get your hands on them. They are going to be a sell out – they are so beautiful!

The anniversary set comes in a sleek rose gold tin tube. Now, for any of you that know me well you’ll know that i am a sucker for rose gold! It’s just so pretty! The tube fits the whole anniversary collection inside comfortably for easy, clean storage.
The set consists of 6 brushes;
– 1x Airbrush Finishing Brush
– 1x Controlled Setting Brush
– 1x Angled Crease Brush
– 1x Flat Eyeliner Brush
– 1x Eye/Lip Blur Brush
– 1x Spoolie
– 1 x Brush Canister

I love the variety of this brush set as it allows you to cover the minimum requirements for a full face application.
The handles of these brushes are made from a smooth bamboo and are perfectly light weight. The ferrules of each brush are now a sleek gunmetal shade as opposed to the old bronze colour and the bristles offer a light brown to deep espresso ombre.

Not only are these brushes new and improved but inside the packaging you will now find a ‘how to’ application guide to make using the brushes as easy as possible – such a nice touch.
I love the amount of thought and care that have gone into the brushes and how the company has thought through every process to enable them to be the most eco-friendly as possible right down to the last ‘T’. For example the entire 2017 collection is comprised of renewable and recyclable materials like the-free paper and RPET clamshell packaging to help remove materials from the waste stream! – Every little really does help!

EcoTools have a few more products coming out this year too such as the EcoFoam, Full Powder Brush and Define & highlight Duo to name some, so watch out on their website here.

EcoTools is soon becoming my only go to brush, the softness is unbelievable and application is so easy with their brushes.
This particular set retails at £19.99 and is available to buy at Boots and Superdrug from 1st March! Remember this beautiful set is going to be a sell out, so head on down on the 1st to get your mits on this gorgeous collection.



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