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Happy 1st Birthday!

One whole year ago my blog was a fresh clean page, ready for creativity to start. March 3rd saw me finally put pen to paper and begin a whirlwind of excitement and adventure.

Initially i was going to do a ‘what i’ve learnt in my first year of blogging’ type of post, but that is just too cliche for me. Instead, i just wanted to look at what has happened in the past year and how fun it has been.
The year has seen just over 100 posts, 75 new products and a whole new book club evolve. I have blogged from 3 different countries and worked with brands i would never have dreamed of being able to work with.

I really can not believe i have been writing for a year now, there has been highs and then there has been tantrums from writers block, but I strongly believe that writing should never be forced. If you force yourself to write a post, you can see the detest in every single word. You should be able to say after every single post… I’m proud of that, and feel a sense of achievement.
I always knew I wanted to write, going through school i wanted to be a journalist. I took English and Photography A-Level in prep but something was missing- I just didn’t ‘feel’ it. It wasn’t my calling. My calling was for more, or at least something different.

Blogging was it. And here I am… a year in… and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to every single one of my viewers/ subscribers/ supporters. You mean everything!

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