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Farringdon is fast becoming the new  up and coming place to be. From its great cocktail bars to its fantastic restaurants, everything you would ever need is right here in its heart. One place that does stick out from the crowd is the Easton Regal Hair Salon. This quaint stylish salon has got to be one of the nicest i have been to (and i am not just saying that, genuinely it is).

As you walk in to the salon not only are you greeted by smiling happy faces but the waiting area is like a retro haven. The whole place, from the moment you walk into the door, is super inviting.
Now, normally, when i walk into the salon i feel all eyes are on me and the women are eyeing you up ready to mumble how trashy your hair or how bad the roots are under their breath. Not the regal! They are so genuinely lovely people.

After a coffee i was greeted by Grace, my Colour Technician, who talked me through what i wanted and how it would work best and how i wanted it styled etc, then she set to work. Having had a dip dye I was bored. I wanted a nice sophisticated colour. So Grace took the colour of my tips all the way up but still kept it looking natural and classy. Grace is one of the nicest hairdressers i have met. We talked throughout the whole application. She is down to earth and clearly has a heart of gold. She did a fantastic job and the colour was faultless.

Rinse time! The lovely Harriet washed my colour out and treated me to a wonderful massage. Then she placed the Olaplex treatment on my hair. This is a hair bonding treatment, normally used after a colour, it strengthens the bonds in your hair which prevent breakage and keeps your hair happy and healthy.

George then head over to cut and style my hair. The care attention he paid to my hair was next to none. It was like a work of art. George clearly cares about what he does down to the last strand of hair. A good 3 inches off and a bit of texture and, voila, i was done.
I couldn’t not leave without grabbing a bottle of the Anti Gravity cream from KevinMurphy. George explained this bottle adds texture and ‘umph’ to your hair without the weighted greasy effect so many of the creams leave! It is a little bit of heaven in a bottle.

I was so so happy with my hair change and couldn’t recommend the Easton Regal highly enough. I will be back very very soon!!


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