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The Rituals of Light

Rituals is a company that i have completely and irrevocably fallen in love with. Rituals are not just products… they are an entire experience. Rituals ‘are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty within them. They are the seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook.’ Rituals helps you embrace these, whether its taking that long hot bath with the door locked so you are undisturbed or reading a book with some incense burning, Rituals gives you that happiness!

I found their philosophy on YouTube and couldn’t not show you!

One thing that i find so different about this company is not just their care and attention to detail but their quality scents and fragrances. Normally a company will have a few nice smelling products and the rest are over-powering. But Rituals just get it so right! Even just writing this i dreaming of a bubble bath, candles, wine, piano music in the background…….I’ll be right back !
Jokes aside, Rituals products are full luxury quality products and i want to tell you all about them.

There are two things in life that go together better than Amal and George and that is the scent of Sweet Orange and Cinnamon. The Ritual of Light Collection is all about the orange and cinnamon and is simply to die for.
When i first took the lid of the candle I sat there and just smelt it for a good ten minutes (no lie)! The smell of the Sweet Orange and Cinnamon is just…. well it leaves me speechless; soothing, relaxing, sweet yet a hint of spice, calming- the list really does go on.
This wonderful collection is inspired by ancient light ceremonies around the world. It is a ritual that helps you slow down and soothe your soul by the light of a flickering flame.
Rituals boast of signature fragrance and use organic ingredients whenever possible. For all that nature can’t provide, they use safe alternatives.

The Rituals of Light Collection is firstly very aesthetically pleasing and totally Instagram worthy. The collection consists of 6 items; Body Scrub, Shower Foam, Body Cream, Bath Foam, Fragrance Sticks and a Candle.
The wonderful ladies at Rituals lovingly sent me the Body Scrub, Shower Foam and a Candle from the collection and I quite literally never ever want them to run out! Ever! The products are a little more expensive than highstreet costs but believe me when I say it is worth it! They leave my skin so super soft and nourished and smelling like pure heaven. As every blogger knows we kind of wince at the thought of actually using a candle, but this one breaks those boundaries. This is getting used Every! Single! Day!
The packaging feels great quality and reasonably weighted. The pattern on the bottles change from collection to collection, however, The Rituals of Light displays a pure black background with a gorgeous light display on each product. The chic packaging oozes elegance like no other.

Now sometimes various body scrubs can be oily and uncomfortable to apply, they leave a residue on the skin and leave you feeling more dirty than prior to using it. Rituals have mastered the art of a good body scrub and appears to be a healthy balance of the best. It is abrasive like other scrubs yet is still soft on the skin. The scrub is exfoliating yet kind and not as oily as i first thought it would be. I felt like i really had been to a spa after using all the products. Pure relaxation at its finest.

Normally I end a blog post with would I recommend but I am pretty sure you can gather that it is a big fat yes! You can view the Rituals of Light Collection here. If you are not sure the sweet smell of orange and the blissful scent of cinnamon is for you then don’t worry, there are seven other gorgeous collections to choose from.

Now because Rituals aren’t generous enough you even get a free gift set when you spend £40 or more. This set includes –Set for her includes: Scrub, Serum, Cream, Mask- Set for him includes: Shower, Shave, Hydrate.



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