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Which Beauty Box?


There are so many beauty boxes out there. We see them everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs. It makes it so hard to choose which is best for you. So I have condensed all my current box subscriptions down in to one post. Here you will find a little bit about each box, price and link.

Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty is a slightly different type of beauty box. Like most, you pay a certain amount per month for the subscription but the similarities stop there. Love Me Beauty allows you to choose from a selection of products. Each product has a an amount of credits to it and each month you are allowed up to a certain credit total. Starting from £8 a month (subscription dependent) it really is a bargain. Love Me Beauty tends to offer between 12-18 products to choose from each month. You can also choose to add-on a few extra credits each month if you see something that takes you above your usual credit limit.

Shop the box here.


Moi-Meme is not a monthly subscription box, it is quarterly. This box is slightly more expensive than the standard £10, however, as it is every 4 months it works out roughly the same (£12.49 to be precise). This box contains a real range of home, beauty and lifestyle items and is a real treat every quarter. So far I have received 2 boxes from them and each were just so perfect. You also may received personalised gifts so it is super important to complete the details form and the beginning of subscribing.
Plus if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get £5 off your first box.

Shop the box here.

Little Bit Lavish

Little Bit Lavish is a bit of an alternative box. It is a bi-monthly subscription box. Ranging from between £18 and £20 every other month makes it in the more highly priced bracket, however, the products are good quality and it works out great value for money. Also the majority of their products are full size, meaning you can try them and actually use them a few more times after than too. I hate when samples are one use and too small to really give a true opinion. You can also purchase one-off prior boxes!!! Great if you missed one.
I was fortunate enough to have received their November box and it was so beautiful.

Shop the box here.


Glossybox will always be a true lover of mine. This is a monthly subscription box that will set you back between £8.50 and £10 depending on your subscription choice. This box gives a mix of full size and sample size products this some well-known brands being sent and some not so well-known.

Use code FAB20 on checkout for free gift and 20% off this month.

Shop the box here.

The Little House of Hygge

This beautiful little box is really different. This is a monthly subscription that ranges from £26-£59 depending on if you want some additional extras in your box. You also purchase one-off boxes too. Every box contains seasonal products to inspire, relax and evoke perfect hyggeling times. From lifestyle to beauty to food this box has got you covered.

Shop the box here.

Little Known Box

Little Known Box is a beautiful little monthly subscription. £14.95 a month will see that you get between 5 and 6 products from brands that you probably haven’t heard of before. Little known Box pride themselves on natural/organic, vegan  friendly, cruelty free and free-from brands. They too offer one-off boxes in their shop too.

Shop the box here.


Birchbox are one of the leaders in the subscription box industry. They offer 5 personalised beauty treats and you choose either a product in your box or the design each month. From £10 + P&P you get a great variety of products, from unknown brands to well-known brands like Bobbi Brown and Benefit. They also offer points in exchange for reviews on the products you receive. These points add up each month for you to spend in the shop.

Shop the box here.


Dollibox is always a vibrant boxed packed with beautiful products. £10 a month sees that you get 5 or 6 full size products! Yes FULL SIZE! making it super good value for money.  You will receive a mix of well-known and a mix of not too well-known companies and the products are always a surprise.

Shop the box here.

My Little Box

My Little Box is a monthly subscription box that is always based around a lovely theme. The company is french so most products you receive will be french. This beautiful box consists of beauty, lifestyle, fashion… a bit of everything really. It is £14.95 a month which includes P&P (always a winner) and the themes are really apt to the season. This really is a perfect little box.

Shop the box here.

Pink Parcel

Pink parcel is a monthly subscription box which will only cost you £10.50 a month or your first box for £6.50. This box is a little different to all the others. This box supplies you with your monthly cycles worth of tampons or pads and offers you everything you’ll need to get you through that time of the month. Always expect a calming tea and a treat along with beauty products in this box!

Shop the box here.

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