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March Makeup Revolution Haul


You all know my love of Makeup Revolutions so I won’t bang on about the company and how great they are- you already know.

The reason for this post is I want to show you about their amazing new Skin Kiss range. There are 4 products from the Skin Kiss range. The kiss range consists of 3 highlighters and 1 bronzer.

I was super shocked at how well pigmented the products are. Normally the cheaper ranges of makeup do not tend to last or be that pigmented but this range is a game changer.

These individual shades are just £5 each (bargain!!) Upon application I found the powder to be quite dense but this isn’t anything a stiff brush can’t handle. The powders feel like  between a powder and a cream. I found the highlighters lasted for around 9-10 hours which appears to be on par with many high street brands at the moment.

The range is described by the company as natural but because of the pigmentation it is far from natural. The product applies very heavily and a lot of blending is required to make it more subtle. However, I quite like the prominent look with the right outfit. The more blending the more natural the look.

Purchase yours now from Tambeauty.com.


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