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Dollibox Review | March 2017


Dollibox usually has a good selection in their boxes, however, this month left me really wondering what would be included. I couldn’t find any hints at all which i guess is sometimes a good thing. This months box was one of my most favourite yet and trust me when i say that’s saying a lot since last months box was to die for.

Dollibox is a monthly subscription box for £10 plus £3.90 p&p. You can either get a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or one-off boxes. The content of the boxes are a surprise. Dollibox uses your beauty profile to send you products most suited to you so it is important to complete the beauty profile quiz.

  • A monthly subscription costs £10 per month (plus P&P). This is a rolling subscription, but you can cancel anytime.
  • A 6 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £54 (plus P&P), which is £9 per box.
  • A 12 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £102 (plus P&P), which is £8.50 per box

Every month you will receive 5/6 items with 2/3 being full size which is great value for money.

March sees 4 full size products ad 1 travel size item plus a cheeky freebie.  The value of this box is around £57 which is a one of the best value months I have seen from Dollibox and an absolute bargain for £8.50.

My box contained;

– Lameila Lucky Doll Liquid Eyeliner- I love a good liquid eyeliner, and I am going to be honest, I thought this one was going to be quite rubbish to be honest. I have never heard of the company and the packaging doesn’t really portray chic ‘I am a great product’ look. However, that aside the packaging is quite quirky and different and the eyeliner is surprisingly good! So i take back every thought I had that tried to steer me in the opposite direction. I love finding good new brands- so thanks Dollibox I will be trying a lot more of their products.

– Bioaqua Animal Nourish Facial Mask- This is the coolest face mask. There are a few variances but i received the dog mask. I found them to be reasonably nourishing and super fun too.

– Palmers Multi-Award Winning Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion-  Now everyone has heard of Palmers, their products are renowned for being amazingly good, especially on stretch marks, so you can imagine my joy when I saw this product in the box. I haven’t tried the coconut oil formula before but I wasn’t surprised to be honesty. Love love love!

– Unicorn Poop Wax Melts from Scent Circus- I love the name of these wax melts, they look exactly like I would imagine unicorn poop to look like too. They smell absolutely divine and last quite a long time. Also when they melt the colours are so pretty.

– Adamma Fibre Lash Extender Duo Mascara- This mascara is worth £39.99!!!!!! This is not the first time i have seen fibre mascara. I am quite a huge fan of the 3D Mascara from Younique so was a little skeptical to try this one.

This months box has been amazing value for money! AMAZING VALUE! It is very very rare  say this but i liked that there wasn’t a huge variation of products this month. 2 makeup items, to skin items, 1 home items and a tea. Actually that sounds like a big variation but I had my tea whilst basking in my face mask and rubbing the body lotion into my skin. And that was after trying my mascara and liner. It was a thoroughly enjoyable box and it made me sit down and use the products almost altogether. I really would recommend March’s box! It is a box of wonderful products!

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