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Mother’s Day- A dedication to my mum

So no, this is not a beauty post nor is it a review of some kind. This is a post of dedication. This is a post dedicated to my mum, because…let’s be honest… without her, where would I be?

My mum is called Dawn. Always happy, always bright and always full of hope just like a summer’s dawn. She is a wonderful woman who has spent her entire life caring for others. My mother, until recently, was a nurse. Aged 18 she moved into nursing quarters and from that very day her thought was always to put herself second.
Family life has never been easy for my mum, yet she has raised 2 wonderfully polite and beautiful children and myself of course. She made life seem so easy and beautiful when we were growing up, and made it seem like adulting was just as fun as childhood. How foolish we were. But, mum portrayed it this way so well. What makes it more admirable is the amount of stuff she went through with my dad yet there was always a smile for us kids.

My memories of mum when I was little are always always happy and fun. Except one… It was entirely mine and my sisters fault but I still remember the fear as she chased us around the house with that wooden spoon! From pushing me on a swing, to watching her work out to Gina G – they all bring a smile to my face.

Everyone says their mum is the most amazing in the world, but, my mum actually is! She is strong, she is kind, she is loving and caring, she is empowering, she is inspiring and she is my mum! Happy Mother’s Day mumma! xxx

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