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Welcome back to the ABBBC. This months book of choice was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert- the writer of Eat, Pray, Love. I thought this was a great choice of book for this month because it is a really self-motivating/ ‘it’s going to be ok’ type of book. I’ve been seeing a lot of people possibly needing to read this and i thought it may help.

Sometimes it is a simple thing like a book that can change your perspective of life. Maybe it’s the way the author writes or maybe it’s what the author writes. Elizabeth Gilbert has managed to change my perspective using both. Her ability to capture you in the ‘Big Magic’ of life is breath-taking. She writes in such a way that creates a feeling of actually having a conversation with a friendlier at the same time teaching you.

From the first few pages of this book it made me feel that one day, all my troubles and my worries could one day be swept away, and that the things we worry about are just everyday things, you don’t need to worry about them. Living a happy life isn’t having all the money you want to spend on items that you think make you look good, nor is it showing the world everything you have and ‘need’. Happiness is a state of mind, happiness is the ability to see through the materialistic, the social expectations and have a calmness about you. Happiness is costless. If it costs you money to be happy you’re doing it wrong or you’re lying to yourself.

This book is one of those I may not read again very often but it’ll be kept there on the book shelf for times of need and self-doubt. And that’s exactly who this book is for. Anyone who has ever doubted themselves, anyone that’s ever thought twice or anyone who needs to be guided.

From network marketing individuals to writers to people who think there is no magic inside them …. this book is a must read for you!

How did this book make you feel? Did it change your outlook on anything?

April’s book to purchase and read before the end of April is going to be The One Memory of Flora Banks. Buy it here.

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