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April | Beauty Month

April is here and that means Spring has truly sprung. Easter is nearly here and my skin routine is changing with the seasons. I have decided April is going to be Beauty Month on my blog. Why? Because April is a key time for beauty. Spring skin care routines change, we prep for summer and we look ahead to the autumn. Statistically April is the time most people look to change their makeup. I assume this is due to the changing weather and around this time is when companies release a lot of new collections for the coming year.

There has recently been a huge surge in the amount of beauty companies out there and I have taken it upon myself to show you some of the best of them. The Loves, the hates and the damn right no nos. This month plans to be everything beauty… E V E R Y T H I N G! The majority of the posts this month are not sponsored. it is just me wanting to show you the best products right now. Sponsored posts, like always, will be marked with as asterisk (*) at the bottom of each post.

Like companies, there are so many beauty bloggers about right now, I will also be showing you the best (in my opinion) of them right now. I love reading other bloggers posts, it is inspiring and I love learning their makeup techniques. Before blogging, I didn’t know of so many alternatives for a beauty sponge! I will also be showing you different beauty posts regarding questions around Beauty and my feelings on it.

The month will end with a #beautymonth give away! So keep an eye out for your chance to win a beauty surprise!

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